King Neir



HP: 18
Stamina: 1
Speed: 6
Perception: 0
Sneakiness: 0
Resistance: 4
Defense: 4


“My father is a simple man. He is king and rules justly in this land. He always seems lonely though, I think it is due to my deceased mother. He must miss her a lot. Ever since I was young he has had the Booked Wizard, a man would studies magic but cannot use it, train me in the arts. I never liked it but he has me train.
When I was younger he would often tell me stories of the old kingdom, a kingdom of magic, whose prized treasure was a magic seal. He told me the magic seal gave the king to power to help all of his subjects and spread prosperity throughout the land. As time went on, I think he has stopped believing in the seal.
Father seems to be disappointed in me quite often, probably because I brush off my duties and play with some of the castle staff.”

King Neir

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