Fox Prince


HP: 14
Stamina: 3
Speed: 6
Perception: 0
Sneakiness: 0
Resistance: Immune
Defense: 2



“My name is Blitz. I’m the only son of King Neir and therefore only heir of the Kingdom of Kynesburg.

In my youth it was discovered I was only of the incredibly lucky few who is skilled in the ancient arts of magic. Or well… potentially skilled. My studies can be a bit boring, and being an only child I’ve found ways to… keep myself entertained.

My mother died giving birth to me and I know little about her. The only thing I have to remind me of her is her royal ring she passed on to me when she died, I never take it off, it’s all I have of her.

When I was younger my adventures included exploring the grounds and attempted to slip through the castle walls. But as I’ve matured, so have my interests and playing swords with sticks has evolved into “crossing swords” with the cuter members of the castle’s waitstaff.

My father doesn’t exactly approve of my antics and I can tell he is concerned for the kingdoms future. But he seems to tolerate my sexual preferences, however reluctantly.

However, I’m not entirely content with how things are… I long for something more. My father used to tell me stories about a Magic Seal that could bring our kingdom great prosperity. In order to explore the world, gain father’s approve, (and seek more… “play mates”) in considering going on a quest to locate and bring it home for Kynesburg."


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