Battle Mechanics

Battle Mechanics

There are two ways to engage an enemy; either with sex or force, both of which have different mechanics with differing effects.

Sexual Combat

Succeeding in sexual combat depends on a multiple factors; arousal, pleasure, and stamina. By using attacks, the combatant raises the opponents pleasure until the opponents cums, attacks also raise arousal which has secondary effects on the opponent.


The default pleasure threshold is 20, and once that threshold is met, that character cums. Once a character cums, they become exhausted and can not act, but they are still conscious. Pleasure can be increased by receiving attacks that cause pleasure from opponents, or from preforming certain sexual attacks.


Each character starts every battle off with 0 arousal points and can earn up to 10 points. The arousal of an enemy must be at least one before the enemy can be lured into a sex battle. Each sexual attack gives the target arousal, once a character has reached and arousal of 5 it . If arousal gets to 10 the character now has blind lust and will not notice anything outside of the sexual partners that are conscious, if none are then the scope of blind lust expands to the nearest enemy.


Stamina is used when a sexual attack is performed on a target, the pleasure that would be inflicted is subtracted from their stamina and any remainder is added to their pleasure score.

Damaging Combat

Damaging Attacks

Health throughout the game varies from creature to creature, but if a creatures health is reduced to 0, it is dead. Damage can be dealt though magic or melee attacks and are defense against these attacks are calculated with the resistance and defense stats respectively. When calculating damage subtract the damage being dealt from the defensive stat to acquire the amount of health that is lost.

If sexual combat turns into damaging combat, all characters engaged in sexual combat are in shock for one the turn following,

Battle Mechanics

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